Dr. Susan Lee, Ed. D.
Yes, couples, whether they are recently married, or in a long-term relationship benefit from sex therapy. Why is this so?

Here is one example: Often couples’ report that they have been arguing excessively, or perhaps avoiding each other. If the conflict in their marriage results in absent or infrequent or love-making and is causing distress in one or both partners, the sex therapist begins to develop specific cognitive and behavior techniques that enable sexual interest and arousal to restore their sex life.

It is generally more effective for the sex therapist to work with both partners in the couple as opposed to seeing one of the partners individually.

Initially, the sex therapist gathers the exquisite details of the couples’ current sexual functioning. Then, a deeper understanding of their past marital and pre-marital intimacy.

This therapeutic process has the luxury of being lengthy, over 60 minutes for each session, and over a period of 12-15 weeks. During these meetings, each partner will express their emotions related to their sexual problems. The sex therapist in a non-judgmental manner, listens, empathizes and understands and evaluates. Then, he or she forms treatment strategies for the couple to experience in the privacy of their home.

Sensitive issues regarding the couple’s current and past sexual functioning are understood over time. As the sex therapist understands the exquisite details of the couples’ sexual activity, they all design and agree on specific techniques to bring pleasure to each partner. 

The sex therapist is a professional counselor who is able to recognize and treats psychiatric and emotional issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, substance abuse and past sexual abuse. These factors are understood as having a negative effect on sexual functioning. Disease and medication issues, are managed and treated  by a referring urologist and gynecologist, and enhance the process of sex therapy treatment. This integrated team approach supports the holistic approach to sexual health and well-being,

In practice, I advocate that the ultimate intimate experience is accepting and giving pleasure. As a sex therapist, l encourage and empower the couple to understand each other’s pleasurable responses and moderately change their sexual response to each other.